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teachin... fun stuff.   
01:08pm 08/10/2009
  I can get paid for laughing at the awesome creativity of children. I was a French, Art and P.E. teacher this last week.

Choosing French names isn't easy. One wants to be Madeleine on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Juliette on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Two people want to be Napoleon. Fine, if Napoleon is taken, the second will settle for N'e'poleon. No?

The lunch line is long, I found out on Monday. so in the class before lunch, I let the kids out early so that I can rush to the front of the lunch line before all of the other kids get there.

Strike at kickball. Half of the kids are upset because the inept referee isn't doing anything. That's me. So they strike, like in Paris over work hours.

Someone sketched plans for a catapult that shoots slugs, blocks and fire. As they said, walking into ceramics class, they had a 'mission'.
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10:38pm 27/12/2004
  K my last journal entry of the day I promise
mood: tell me what you think!

from Devvieish:

Creed: A Seeker's Church

We assert there is such a thing as absolute Truth, and that which contradicts it is absolutely false. However, the truth or falsity of any given proposition may not be proved or even provable.

We hold that all religious beliefs should be and are based on the evidence collected in one's life. Different people have collected different evidence, so:

We recognize that reasonable and equally good human beings can hold widely varying and at times contradictory beliefs.

We seek first to collect more evidence for our common quest, and second to share evidence with each other, understanding always that our goal should not be persuasion but mutual enlightenment.

Would anyone join this church?
Debbie is the color expert   
03:51pm 03/07/2004
  Thank you !!!!!!  
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